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Dear Webmaster,

With only a few exceptions Netbettor will no longer be adding new links to its links pages, or accepting links from other's links pages as part of a reciprocating linking arrangement. Why? Because links from links pages have little or no value when it comes to enhancing SE rankings. You can see this for yourself. Try typing in a highly competitive keyword in a leading SE (online casino, online poker. etc.) and check out the sites that come up. Notice that virtually none of them have expansive links pages with thousands of outbound links. The SE have wizened up; it's no longer enough to collect 3000 back links that are coming from links pages.

We are, however, always interested in exchanging links in one of the following manners.

Internal page link exchange
We would give you a link from one of our internal content pages, and in turn you would link either to Netbettor or one of our other sites from one of your internal content pages. Here's an example of how we link to other sites in this manner (be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page): Internal page link exchange

Hosted marketing page exchange
This is the wave of the future for link exchanges and will greatly improve your SE ranking. In a nutshell, this involves exchanging a page of keyword-rich content that includes multiple links to each others' sites. For more information on hosted marketing pages (also known as ‘ HMP 's) check out the following article at What's the MOST effective SEO Tactic for 2006? . We are now cooperating with other savvy site owners in adding HMP 's to our sites. Here's an example of a hosted marketing page on our site: Hosted marketing page . We believe so strongly in this new linking method, that we will write your HMP for you. All you have to do is let us know you are interested.

If either of these linking arrangements interest you, simple fill out the following form and we'll get back to you shortly. We are NOT ‘PR snobs'. Your site's page rank is not important, so long as it's indexed by the major SE's we'll be happy to work out an exchange.


The Netbettor Team


Link Exchange Request Submission

1) Name:

2) E-mail address: 

3) Site URL: 

4) Which option are you interested in?

Internal Page Link Exchange
Hosted Marketing Page

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