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Neteller and Firepay

The two most popular means of transferring gambling money across the web are Neteller and Firepay. Although they're two different services they essentially work the same. Here's how it works: You go to either the Neteller or Firepay home page and open an account. A couple days later they will make two small deposits into your bank account. At this point you go to your bank, find out exactly how much these two small deposits were for, and then log this information back into the Neteller/ Firepay database. This is done so that Neteller/Firepay know that the bank account you're using is actually yours. Once this process is completed both these services work like debit cards; when you want to make a deposit at an online gaming establishment you deposit money into your Neteller/Firepay account and then deposit the money from there into your account at the online gaming establishment in question.

I know, I know—it sounds like a pain. But it only takes a couple days, and your personal information is completely secure. We've been gaming online and participating on online message boards for four years, and in that time we have yet to hear of a single security breach at either Neteller or Firepay. They're both first class operations, and you have nothing to fear. After Paypal quit accepting online gaming transactions this is the way that online gaming transactions are conducted. Everyone has an account with either one or both of these companies. It's just the way things are done.

If you've never opened an account at either I recommend Neteller; if only because many online gaming establishments will make deposits back to your Neteller account if you so desire, but for some reason won't deposit money into your Firepay account. Thus, Neteller makes it easier to collect winnings. Further, many online casinos offer an extra 10-20% bonus if you deposit with Neteller, and Neteller's customer support is superior (I defy anyone to get a hold of a warm body at Firepay). That being said, for some reason we find ourselves depositing with Firepay more often, although we really can't explain why. In any case you can't go wrong with either service.