Best movies about casinos

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Many people like to have fun in casinos. I prefer online casinos where I can use promotions such as this Vlad Cazino Bonus de Bun venit, but land-based casinos are an amazing experience as well. If you’re a fan of the silver screen, there are also many movies about casinos. In fact, with so many different casino flicks out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the research! In this post, we’ll be talking about what makes a great movie about casinos and which ones are worth your time. So settle in with some chips and drinks while we go over our top picks:

The Sting

The Sting is a 1973 movie starring Robert Redford and Paul Newman. It was directed by George Roy Hill, who also directed Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) and The World According to Garp (1982). The Sting is based on the 1930s con artists Frank Abagnale Jr. and Johnny Hooker, though it takes liberties with their story for dramatic effect.

The Sting won 7 Oscars: Best Picture, Best Director (George Roy Hill), Best Supporting Actor (Robert Duvall), Best Supporting Actress (Lee Grant), Original Song (“We May Never Love Like This Again”), Adapted Screenplay (David Seltzer) and Film Editing.


If you’re a fan of poker, then Rounders is the movie for you. It follows law student Mike McDermott (Matt Damon), who used to be a professional poker player before getting thrown out of the game by his mentor Teddy KGB (John Malkovich). When Mike’s best friend Worm (Edward Norton) gets in trouble with some bookies, he asks Mike to help him with one last poker tournament in order to pay off his debts.

Rounders was released in 1998 and was written by David Levien and Brian Koppelman based on the novel by Edward Anderson. 


Clive Owen starred in this film, which is based on the book by Paul Mayersberg. It’s also based on his own life as a casino croupier. In it, Clive plays an aspiring writer who works at a London casino while trying to write his first novel. The film follows him through the highs and lows of his job as he makes friends with fellow employees and deals with his gambling addiction.

Ocean’s Thirteen

Ocean’s Thirteen, directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon as three con men who try to pull off a heist at a Las Vegas casino. The movie is based on the 1960s Rat Pack: Frank Sinatra (played by Bernie Mac in this film), Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop.

Ocean’s Thirteen has been ranked among all-time great movies about casinos for its stylish direction by Steven Soderbergh as well as its exciting plot line which follows the gang of criminals attempting to steal $150 million from an unsuspecting casino owner played by Don Cheadle.


That’s it! We hope you enjoyed our list of the best casino movies. It was a challenge to narrow down such a diverse set of films, but we feel confident that these ten will provide entertainment for anyone who wants to watch something new this weekend. If you have any recommendations for other movies about gambling or casinos in general, please share them with us!