Can you Play Other Countries’ Lotteries?

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To this question, there is a simple answer but a complicated explanation. Most of the time, the answer is yes, you can. The explanation goes into detail about the legality, both in the country of origin and in the country you reside in. Some countries are not as forgiving when it comes to online gambling while others are pretty liberal. For example, online betting is becoming more and more popular in India, and there are plenty of websites that offer reviews of all the new betting bonus codes India has to offer.

Here is a detailed look at the matter.

Can you Play Another Country’s Lottery?

Yes, you can. Go online and buy a ticket and you’re good to go. This does not mean that playing that lottery is legal in your country if there are online gambling regulations which prohibit online lottery betting. But, those are only the things you should worry about if you’re currently in your country.

Tourist Lotteries

What if you’re a tourist in the United States? Can you play their lotteries? Yes, you can, because you will still pay the money for the tickets and help fund the prize pool. Mega Millions and the Powerball are two lotteries which are played across the entirety of the United States and they have huge prize pools. Every tourist can play this lottery.

Euromillions allows other people to play their lottery as well. You would have to collect your prizes in person in the country in which the ticket was purchased. This means traveling to Europe.

Which Countries Allow Playing Online Lotteries?

Whether a person can play another lottery from their own country is dictated by their country’s gambling regulations. Many countries were quick to jump and create very monopolistic laws regarding online gambling such as Poland which requires all online businesses to have a Polish license if they want to operate in Poland.

Many countries have taken these steps in order to get more revenue from gambling. Online gambling attracts many people and taxing those purchases can bring revenues to certain countries.

The best way to check whether you can play online is by checking the various lottery sites online, the reputable ones. They will have information about which country can play which lottery, so contacting their customer service is the easiest way of obtaining information.

Online Lottery Playing

It is fairly uncommon to travel to another country just to play their lottery, so online lottery ticket purchase remains the easiest way of obtaining tickets for other lotteries. This works either through someone purchasing a ticket in your name or by you betting on the lottery’s results.

The former requires you to visit the country where the lottery is played and pick up your prize in person while the latter depends on the online bookmaker. Every reputable bookmaker is regulated by a gambling license. According to that license, things such as jackpots will be regulated, as well. In case you actually win a lottery, the site you bought the ticket from will contact you, as is the case with any larger prize.


Before you embark on a journey to bet on some of the world’s largest jackpots, check whether that country allows for you to bet on their lotteries. Even if that is the case, check whether the country you reside in allows online gambling. Chances are there are some regulations about it all so inform yourself before you place a bet. Remember to gamble responsibly, even though that it might be just one ticket.