The World’s Most Popular Lotteries

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Playing a lottery is like watching a race. Your heart beats with every spin of the balls, waiting for the announcer to tell you which number came out. Unlike other gambling games, such as sports betting, you can’t refer to articles like this one, talking about the shape of the team you’re betting on or a new coach that may help the team win: it’s only you and your luck. Winning a lottery is even better. Sure, it is unlikely that you will win a jackpot, especially if you play every once in a while, though it is possible.

There are plenty of lotteries throughout the world, almost every country has at least one, and some are able to participate in other countries’ lotteries. But, since many of the local lotteries do not have prize pools like those of the joint ones, people turn towards the bigger players for bigger rewards.

Here are the world’s most popular and in turn, biggest lotteries.

El Gordo de Navidad – The Spanish Christmas Lottery

This lottery is so famous that people all over the world play it. It is part of a Spanish tradition that dates back to 1812. This is a very old lottery which has seen lots of change but some of its parts remained absolutely the same.

What separates it from other lotteries is that you can buy tickets which are pre-printed and sold as a billete, meaning a full ticket or a decimo, a tenth of a ticket. The full price of the ticket is rather expensive, hence the need for a tenth of a ticket.

Each ticket is printed in a series so there may be 150 tickets with the same numbers. That does not mean you share your prize with 150 other people but that you rather get your own prize, as do the 150 other people.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery takes place in Madrid on 22nd December. What is more interesting about this lottery is that the numbers drawn are sung by children from a local Madrid school called the San Ildefonso School.

The Powerball

This lottery is from the United States and is available to many states. Players from all over the world can also purchase a Powerball ticket. Many other lotteries are modeled after the Powerball or are named the same, but in different countries throughout the world.

The way you play the Powerball is by purchasing a ticket, though this time it is a more familiar style of picking numbers. You get to select five numbers out of a possible 1 to 69 and a special number called a Powerball, which ranges from 1 to 26.

There are various tiers of prizes, like in any lottery, but winning the jackpot requires you to match all five balls and the Powerball. This is quite a difficult task to do yet the jackpots can be huge, at this time 345 million dollars.


This is a joint European lottery which enables you to play for very large prizes. The way you play the lottery is by purchasing tickets or as they are appropriately called, lines. You can purchase up to a lot of lines. You need to select 5 numbers out of a possible 50 and 2 numbers out of a possible 12. matching all 5 numbers and the special 2 grants you the jackpot.

Mega Millions

This lottery has always been a competitor of the Powerball. They have large prize pools and offer huge jackpots. Mega Millions is played by selecting 5 numbers out of a possible 70 and a single number out of a possible 25.

Matching the five numbers and the special number gets you the jackpot. Currently, it is sitting at 654 million dollars. The second tier prizes are also respectable.


These are the world’s most popular lotteries, as well as those having the largest prize pools and jackpots. Remember, you have to play in order to win.