Unpopular Sports You can Bet On – Low-Risk High Reward Betting

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When someone talks about sports betting, especially if they really like the sport, they will usually know more about it than someone infatuated with a team or player. Punters usually research their field of betting really well and go into so many details that you as a beginner might never consider. The mainstream sports, the popular ones, have really well-defined odds as bookmakers pay more attention to sports which attract more people and therefore, money. That’s why you can find tons of promotions such as bet365 bonus for these sports.

The unpopular sports, however, do not get that much bookmaker attention meaning that the quotas might be in your favor much more often than not. This goes to show that not all popular sports like football, American football and baseball are the best things you can bet on, even though you can bet the entire year.

Here are some alternatives to consider, which can net you more money if you play it smart.

The NFL – Hockey

Hockey is quite popular in Canada and you will likely not find any betting quotas, at least accurate ones, outside Canada. If you can, however, find a Canadian who has genuine knowledge of the NFL scene, you will find a potential gold mine. Knowing which team to bet on can bring you more money than you could lose. Talk to people who know the NFL scene or get involved yourself, as it is a great way of earning some cash and expanding your sports knowledge.

UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship

The UFC has been around for a while and is really popular, yet it is still not as popular as football or the NBA. You are likely to find that the odds are in your favor, especially if you’ve been watching for a while and got to know the fighters. Also, note that there are different categories of fighters and that the heavyweight is not as popular as it used to be.

Motorsports – Formula One, NASCAR and MotoGP

These sports have been around for a while and while popular, remain relatively niche.

Whether you pick the Formula One where fast racing and various teams have champion drivers or MotoGP if you’re more of a motorcycle fan, you’ll likely be able to find good odds and still enjoy a very thrilling experience of fast driving.


A very young and yet still relatively unpopular thing to bet on is eSports. This encompasses various games and genres so you can pick from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to games like League of Legends or even things like Hearthstone and Gwent.


Whether you decide to bet on any of these is up to you. The odds will more likely be in your favor, especially if you get familiar with any of these scenes.