How Winning the Lottery can Destroy your Life

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There are many success stories of people who won the lotteries and went on to start businesses or increase their own revenue and income. There are also the stories of winners living happily ever after, not spending their money but just living in abundance for the rest of their lives.

Some people are guided by these examples and they want to play the lottery to try and win it. For others, it’s just a fun game and they enjoy the excitement while it lasts. Before you look for the PA Lottery welcome bonus and start playing, it would be interesting to remind yourself of the not-so-happy endings that happened after people won the lottery. Just as there are success stories, there are stories of people who failed to turn their newfound treasure into something beautiful.

Here are the horror stories about lottery winners, serving as a warning to everyone.


Abraham Shakespeare – A Tragic Loss

Abraham Shakespeare quit school in the seventh grade and was unable to read. He won a 30 million dollar jackpot prize. His life changed after that because he befriended a woman named Dorice Donegan Moore.

He was charitable to the point of giving money to everyone and letting homeless people stay in his house. One day he was just gone. Later on, he was found under a lot of concrete. This was in his new friend’s husband’s home. She was convicted of murder not long after.

Evelyn Adams – An Addictive Loss

Addiction can be a real problem, especially gambling addiction. It can lead people to squander away every single cent that they have. Evelyn Adams won the New Jersey lottery twice. That is quite an achievement that made her 5.4 million dollars richer.

She spent all her money on gambling, however, eventually not having much more than a simple trailer to live in.

Thomas Rossi – A Divorce

Imagine living your life like everything is completely normal, only to find your wife come one day and ask for you to sign divorce papers. That is what happened to Thomas Rossi. His wife, Denise Rossi wanted a divorce. What he didn’t know at the time was that she had previously won a jackpot of 1.3 million dollars.

The tricky part about this is that they were married for 25 years. Even trickier, the state of California’s disclosure laws were broken by Denise and all her prize money was awarded to her husband after a court case.

Jack Whittaker – A lot of Bad Things

Jack was a self-made businessman even before winning a huge jackpot of 315 million dollars. He took home only 113 million dollars out of all of that as he opted to cash his prize out. His luck started getting really bad after that win.

He won the lottery in 2002, but a year later, a bag of 550,000 dollars was stolen from his car.

In 2004, his granddaughter’s boyfriend was found dead in his home, due to an overdose on multiple substances. His granddaughter committed suicide not long after, only 3 months after her boyfriend’s death. His daughter, the mother of that granddaughter died in 2009.

His house was also set on fire in 2016.


Winning the lottery might take all the luck out of you, while in other cases, luck has nothing to do with it. Regardless, keep your head on, whether you win the lottery or not.