Counting Cards in Blackjack

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Blackjack is a very popular game among casino players. And for those who want to master the game and to get an advantage over the casino, there are certain techniques that have proven to be quite effective. The famous of them all is counting cards. In casinos, there is a built-in edge which ensures that the casino wins a certain amount of money. That is that the player must lose a certain amount of money. And the rule is that the more you play, the more money you will lose. However, the luck can change, and you can get an advantage over casinos by counting cards. People who have bad memory should not worry, this technique has nothing to do with memorizing the dealt cards. It is a system that which helps us keep track of the ratio of low to high cards.

In order to help you get an advantage over a casino, we will teach you how to count cards in Blackjack in the following paragraphs.


If you want to master Blackjack, you need to know the rules, the goal, and the strategy. If you do not know that, counting cards will not help you win the game. So check out the strategy sheet and get to know what you should do depending on the cards you have and the cards the dealer has. Practice makes it work, so try to practice it as much as you can in order to master it. You can use free online versions for practising. Once you have mastered the strategy you can move on to step number two.


Once you have mastered the strategy, it is time to learn the high and low count. The first thing you need to do is that your final count needs to be zero. You start by adding 1 if you get 2-6 cards. If you get 7-9 you count it as zero, you ignore those cards. If 10, face cards or aces come up, you subtract one. It is better for you to get the higher score because this means that the remaining cards actually score high. Once you master this skill, you are ready to enter a casino.


Now we have come to the next rule which is to convert to a true count. You need to make a conversion of the cards. Since the 1960s, many casinos do not have single decks anymore in order to prevent the card counting. You convert the count in a very simple way. You divide the numbers of unused decks. If the count is +10 then the true count is 5.


Increase your bets if your count is +9. If not, if the count is 0, or -2 for example, decrease the bets. In that way, you will not risk losing a lot of money, and you will increase your chances of making money!