Three Biggest Lottery Winners of All Time

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Lottery games are very popular. You buy a ticket for a relatively small amount of money, set some numbers and wait for the show. This is family gambling! People tend to gather in front of the TV to watch the lottery and wait for their numbers. They talk about what they will do if they lose or win. If they lose, it is not a big deal, but if they win, there are so many things they can do. Some have a good laugh, some believe that this time they will win. People also play lottery online when they just want to have some fun and get that experience without having to wait for the official draw on TV. Also, even though some big companies such as Lottoland don’t offer promo codes such as the Lottoland promo code, there are other promotions for new players that can be grabbed. But what if the dream of winning big really comes true? What happens when they win the lottery? We will give you some ideas by presenting to you the three biggest lottery winners of all time.


The Butlers, Merle, and Patricia from Illinois won the lottery with three teachers popularly known as the Three Amigos in Milford Mill. They shared a $656 million jackpot! They did not play together, but they had to share the money. Three Amigos did not want to go public. Unlike them, the Buttles decided to come forward and share their ideas and plans on spending the money. They did not want to spend all of the money, just half of it. They decided to travel, rebuild their house, buy a car, build a sauna. We hope that they managed to save the rest of their money for the future!


Eddie Nabors shared $390 million with the Messner family, Elaine, and Harold in 2007. They all went public for their fifteen minutes of fame. Nabors’ plans were to buy a house for his daughter, to buy a fishing boat for his son and to pay off his mom and the rest of his family members’ mortgages. And what did he plan to do for himself? He just wanted to go fishing! We hope it was an expensive fishing.

Unlike him, the Messner family did not share their plans. They are probably enjoying their money somewhere exotic!  


In 2011, it was a happy day for the McCullar family – they win the lottery! 380 million dollars was on their account in no time! The McCullars have 6 children. They planned to leave some money in the bank, some for the kids and some to charity. They wanted to make their family rich for a long time after they were gone. It was a smart move on their side, however, maybe they should have enjoyed it a little bit more.

Have you ever imagined winning the lottery? The majority of people has. They all imagine what they will do, how they will spend the money, where they will travel. However, those are just dreams. But what happens when dreams become reality? Will you do what these big lottery winners did or will you do something different? Who knows! If you win the lottery, tell us what you did and we will try not to judge!